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 Carbon steel is very durable and is often used to make pipes. The manufactured steel pipe is used in many industries because it can withstand pressure. Because of the corrosion resistance of carbon steel, it can be used underwater. Thick steel pipes have considerable tensile strength and durability, and can maintain good carbon steel grades under great pressure. With Q and the number, Q represents the yield point, is used in the pinyin, the number represents the value of the yield point. The letters A, B, C and D are marked after the grade to indicate the quality grade of carbon steel, and the quality of A, B, C and D is improved in turn.

Types of carbon steel

Because there are many types of carbon steel, it has great advantages over other metals. The characteristics and uses of carbon steel may vary, and the choice needs to be made according to the purpose of the individual. Carbon steel has better strength and can be used as nails for laying walls and cutting tools.
Hardness of carbon steel
Carbon steel has a high carbon content, great hardness, and can withstand wear. Therefore, carbon steel is useful in many industries, such as the manufacture of metal cutting tools and other machinery. It is also good to make cutting tools such as drills and wood.
Carbon steel price
Carbon steel prices vary according to the type and specifications. Carbon tool steel specification model is 40-130 T10, the price is 6810 per ton; Specifications and models are 190-250 T10, the price is 7010 per ton; The specifications and models are 140-200 T10A, and the price is 7010 per ton.

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