During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the state put forward these requirements for the steel industry

1. The goal of carbon peaking has changed from "strive to be the first to achieve carbon emission peaking by 2025" to "ensure carbon peaking before 2030" in the official document;

2. In terms of output control, the official document specifically mentioned "adhering to the combination of total volume control and technological innovation and carbon reduction; research and implementation of differentiated control policies based on carbon emissions, pollutant emissions, total energy consumption, capacity utilization, etc. ";

3. Some quantitative indicators have been deleted from the official document, such as "the production capacity of advanced coke ovens accounts for more than 70%, and the production capacity of advanced ironmaking and steelmaking both accounts for more than 80%", "the domestic self-sufficiency rate of iron metals reaches 45%. % or more, build 1-2 overseas equity iron mines with global influence and market competitiveness, and overseas equity iron ore accounts for more than 20% of imported mines”, “to reduce total pollutant emissions by more than 20%”, “scrap steel” ratio reaches 30%”, etc.;

4. The industry concentration target has changed from "strive for the industrial concentration of the top 5 iron and steel enterprises to reach 40%, and the industrial concentration of the top 10 iron and steel enterprises to reach 60%" to "the iron and steel industry concentration is greatly improved" in the official document;

5. Encourage the import of iron and steel raw materials to expand to pig iron, direct reduced iron, recycled iron and steel raw materials, billets, ingots and other resource products and semi-finished products.